Application Process

Put a smile on your face and others. Apply to be a volunteer today.

How long does the application and on-boarding process take?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with UCSF Health. At the present time, all of our volunteer opportunities are currently filled. As an update, we will be re-opening our volunteer registration on Thursday, November 1st at 9 am.

The application and volunteer on-boarding process will typically take 2- 8 weeks. The process can vary on the time it will take you to complete: the online course trainings, background check and health clearance.

How many references do I need to provide?

You will need to submit one reference form if you are a high school or undergraduate college student: either a personal or professional reference (e.g., employer, coworker, professor, teacher, neighbor, clergy).  References from friends or family members are not accepted.

When can I sign up for an interview?

Once you complete the online application, you will be directed to complete the online orientation. After the online orientation is completed, you will be able to sign up for an interview by choosing a timeslot on the volunteer calendar.

Are volunteers required to complete specialized training?

All employees, students and volunteers must complete each of the required Learning Management System (LMS) trainings. LMS is UCSF'S online training platform.  The required training sessions focus on the following subjects:

  • On-boarding Orientation
  • Infection Control
  • Safety
  • Sexual Harassment
  • CANRA (Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act)

*If you do not have access to a computer to complete our online trainings, please contact us at (415)502-9888.

Anyone taking LMS training must complete each class with a passing score.  To take LMS, a volunteer must first be fully registered in the UCSF Volunteer database and be on-boarded. You do not have to complete LMS courses in one sitting.

How will I be notified of my volunteer placement?

Once you complete the onboarding steps, a coordinator will each out to you to discuss a placement.  Placements that have been identified as critical needs are a priority and we take into consideration the availabiltiy you provided at the group interview.

*Our current volunteer opportunities are primarily 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, with extremely limited openings for evening and weekend assignments.*   

If I’m interested in an area or program that is full and not currently accepting new volunteers, will I be notified when there are openings in the future?

The Volunteer database will track all of your areas of interest, both in available programs and those that are full.  If you are under a time constraint for service hours and the program in which you desire to volunteer in is not currently available, we invite you to explore other ways to help.

Can I be “released from service” at the discretion of the organization?

The organization provides clear expectations for all volunteers.  Each volunteer must agree to and sign the “UCSF Our Expectations” document.  Violation of the contract may result in termination.