Internships, Community Service & Employment

Volunteering at UCSF is a specialized service, requiring singular commitment.

Does UCSF Volunteer Services accept internships or externships – or offer shadowing/observation opportunities?

The department of UCSF Volunteer Services does not place volunteers in internships, externships, shadowing or observation opportunities. Any inquiries about internships and externships should be directed to Kelly Anglim.

Does UCSF Volunteer Services accept court-ordered community service?

The department of UCSF Volunteer Services does not provide volunteer positions for people needing to fulfill court-ordered community service, to pay tickets, or to serve probation.  

I need to fulfill community service hours for my school but cannot make a weekly commitment. Can I do multiple hours during my school breaks?

No, we require a weekly commitment.  As all of our volunteer positions require specific training and consistent commitment, we are unable to offer periodic assignments.

Does volunteering improve my chances for getting a job with UCSF?

Volunteering will provide you with relevant experiences and a stronger skill set, but does not guarantee that you will gain employment at UCSF.   Volunteers must follow the same interview and selection process that is required for all applicants.