Volunteers, YOU make all the difference!
Our volunteers help patients navigate an intricate medical system across various campuses and provide the “little things,” which often mean the most. The hands and hearts of our volunteers reach out to patients and offer compassion and comfort in their time of need.
Chris Wilhite, “Friend to Friend”
Friend to Friend Gift Shop is San Francisco's little shop of hope for women overcoming cancer. It offers opportunities for volunteers to serve at UCSF Mount Zion Hospital, whether it’s through the sales of prosthetics, wigs, and assistive devices, or by giving compassionate care and supportive conversation.
The Brew Crew
It’s not just a cup of coffee! The “Brew Crew” coffee cart goes to every patient care floor. Each cup of coffee given out is symbolic of the warmth and comfort our volunteers share daily. The gift of time spent by the volunteers, as well as the coffee, hot chocolate, and herbal teas provided, continue to be one of our highest scoring patient satisfiers!
ICU at Parnassus
A stay in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can be stressful. Volunteers visit with ICU patients and help meet their wants and needs outside of clinical care. Each volunteer has access to a myriad of amenities, e.g., laptops, books on tape, cell phone chargers, and “Hug Me Heart” pillows. These items and the volunteers’ bedside visits greatly reduce loneliness, boredom, and isolation.
Child Life Services Department
Would you like to volunteer in the Child Life Services Department? UCSF is world renowned for clinical brilliance and the Child Life specialists at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital San Francisco complement the work of our physicians and nurses, enhancing the patient’s hospital experience.
“Stephen & Owen Meany” SPCA
In 2015, nearly 600 patients were visited by therapy pets and their spirits were lifted by a wagging tail and soft fur. From the moment the patients felt one of the special animals the healing process began. Volunteers for animal assisted therapy must be screened and trained by the San Francisco SPCA.