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The Patient and Family Cancer Support Center
The Patient and Family Cancer Support Center supports whole-person care by providing information, wellness programming and community connections to anyone facing cancer and their loved ones.
Patient Visitor & Amenities Support Program
Volunteers rounding on patients offering various amenities
Hope, Healing & Gratitude
Canvases created for our new Precision Cancer Medical Building

UPDATE as of August 2022: new volunteer onboarding is currently on hold.         How You Can Help ►  

Program Overview

Volunteers are a special part of the UCSF Health team. Each individual contributes to the success of our Mission Statement, which is “Caring, Healing, Teaching, Discovering.”  Volunteers have many opportunities to serve under the supervision of professional staff and enhance the quality of patient care, learn new skills, and explore a career in the health field. 

The types of volunteer assignments we have involve socializing and interacting with adult and pediatric patients, families, and staff in our hospitals and outpatient clinic settings.

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 Basic Requirements and On-boarding Process


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