UCSF Staff

UCSF employees must complete all of the Volunteer Services Requirements to become a volunteer at the UCSF Medical Centers.

This section will answer your questions for the following areas:

  • UCSF staff members who are interested in volunteering at UCSF
  • UCSF staff interested in adding new programs to their area through Volunteer Services
  • UCSF Staff Volunteer Supervisor commitments for all new programs
  • UCSF Staff who are interested in volunteering as a group in the community

Staff Volunteer FAQs

As a UCSF employee can my onboarding be expedited?  

UCSF employees must complete all of the Volunteer Services Requirements to become a volunteer at the UCSF Medical Centers.

May I volunteer in my own department?

The Fair Labor Standards Act prohibits employees from volunteering in any department where they are currently, or have received pay.


If you’re looking for the UCSF Volunteers program, which is for groups of UCSF colleagues to volunteer together in the community then information can be found at UCSF Volunteers.

Volunteer Supervisor FAQs

What is required to start a new volunteer program at UCSF Medical Center?

Although we receive many wonderful ideas for new volunteer programs at our medical centers, they cannot be put into place without a responsible leader/staff member/expert who is willing to supervise,  train, mentor, track the hours, and evaluate their volunteers who wish to work in the new program. If you have an idea, and are unable or unwilling to accept the role as the volunteer supervisor for this new program, please ask your team if anyone would step up for this important role.  It is important to have a Volunteer Supervisor name before submitting your program idea to the Volunteer & Guest Services Department.

What is required of a UCSF Volunteer Supervisor?

As a volunteer supervisor, it’s important to realize that our volunteers are choosing to spend their time serving UCSF and your department.  You will need to attend a Volunteer Supervisor training.  You must be a leader in your area and become responsible for the volunteers you are working with. 

You will need to interview and train your volunteers, verify hours worked, write letters of recommendation (if appropriate), provide exit interviews and annual evaluations, and notify your Volunteer Services office of any important updates concerning your volunteer(s.)  The UCSF Volunteer Supervisor will also be expected to be trained and learn to utilize the UCSF Volunteer Website and Database in order to streamline the process with the Volunteer Services office coordinators. 

What is the process to request a volunteer for my department?

In order to request a volunteer you need to review the UCSF Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities,  UCSF Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities, and fill out the Volunteer Services Department Request Form approval will be determined by the Volunteer & Guest  Services Manager.

How do I  on-boarded a volunteer for specifically for my program?

All potential volunteers must register online and complete all of the health and LMS requirements in order to be on-boarded as a volunteer at UCSF Medical Center.

In addition, the volunteer must meet the program requirements in order to be placed, including minimum age requirements and background check clearance. 

How long will it take for a volunteer request to be fulfilled?

If your program is approved we will post it on our website and volunteers may sign up for the program if they are interested.  They will then schedule an interview with Volunteer Services for placement and may be referred to the volunteer supervisor for any subsequent training or interviews. 

How old does a volunteer need to be in order to participate?

The minimum age requirement for UCSF Health volunteer is 16 years old.  Please see the list of Volunteer Opportunities on our website.

I have a special project that will only take one or two days to complete (assembling goody bags, putting lanyards together, assembling documentation packets, registering residents for an Occupational Health Event, etc)?  Can I use your volunteers for that? 

Please submit requests for special one day events to [email protected] for review.